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Where do I start?2019-09-09T22:54:13+12:00

Well you are in the right place because we want to assist you every step of the way. Finding a well-reputed renovation company – such as Lockhart Construction – is a must. A knowledgeable and competent team who do this every day will make your project a pleasant experience. Our highly qualified and experienced team will help you distinguish between what you need and what you want in order to establish a budget. We will explain the features and benefits of products such as bath tubs, shower heads, taps, toilets, tiles, etc. We have different options that meet your expectations. We will also come to your home and meet with you, in doing so we can get grasp a clear understanding of what it is your desire to achieve. Our enquiry form is a great start and designed to make clear in our mind and yours what project you are wanting to have done.

Can you work to my budget?2019-09-09T22:53:57+12:00

Yes we can and have done in most of our bathroom renovations. When we meet with you we bring along extensive catalogues and samples with pricing to get an idea of what you want to spend. By the end of our meeting we can give you an estimated cost on site, this allows us to move forward into the quote process with you while working into a realistic budget.

How much will my bathroom cost?2019-09-09T22:54:35+12:00

This is a broad question as many variables come into play. The best way to get an idea of cost is to send as much information through our helpful enquiry form. Just off that form we can gain an understanding of estimated cost and call you.

Do I need a council permit?2019-09-09T22:55:00+12:00

A permit is needed when we add a fixture into the bathroom. We can move fixtures around no problems.

A permit is also needed when a tiled floor or shower is specified.

No permit is needed if you remove a shower over bath to a normal shower.

How long will my bathroom project take?2019-09-09T22:55:57+12:00

These time frames vary from different bathroom projects and are simply a guide.

For a non-tiled bathroom:

Week 1:
Stripping out the old and removal of rubbish. The plumber and electrician will alter what is needed

Week 2:
Wall lining will take place, skirtings and architraves

Week 3:
Plastering of the walls and ceiling

Week 4:

Week 5:
Fittings are completed by plumber and electrician.


For a tiled bathroom:

Week 1:
Stripping out the old and removal of rubbish. The plumber and electrician will alter what is needed

Week 2:
Wall lining will take place, ceiling painted before tiling starts. First coat of waterproofing from tiler.

Week 3:
Second coat of waterproofing is applied as well as screed flooring. Council Inspection takes place.

Week 4&5
Tiling, Tiling grout, silicone and fittings take place by end of week 5 and measurements are taken for the shower screen.

Week 6:
Fixtures fitted off and shower screen is installed.

Can you create special character bathrooms?2019-09-09T22:56:17+12:00

Yes we can do a special character bathroom and have done them in the past. If you desire to keep in step of the character of your colonial villa we can help. From modern to barn style to rustic we can help you with it all.

I’m struggling… can you help me with my design?2019-09-09T22:56:41+12:00

Yes we would love to help and we often do. Sometimes having a professional opinion can help you put all the puzzle pieces together. Because of our broad knowledge and experience in bathrooms we can meet with you and get it all figured out. From lighting, to layout, to fixture type we are here to help.

Can I supply my own fixtures?2019-09-09T22:57:00+12:00

We often deter our clients from doing this as we have run into warranty issues with client supplied products. We are proud to say we use Plumbing World for our fixtures who are very reputable when it comes to standing behind their product. Usually we send our clients to pick out fixtures from Plumbing Worlds large range and price them transparently for the client.

Would you work in with my tradesmen and I project manage my bathroom?2019-09-09T22:57:33+12:00

Unfortunately, no we have sourced correct sub trades to work to a high level of finish and also working into a detailed schedule. We want the experience you have with us to be flawless and brilliant, so we stay within the group of trusted companies we use.


This is so we know what samples to come with when we meet.

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